$ 2 million car crashed shortly after purchase

$ 2 million car crashed shortly after purchase

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Expensive cars are made from the same fragile parts as the average model. Especially in the hands of imprudent drivers

The McLaren Speedtail supercar is a kind of heir to the legendary McLaren F1. The new model appeared in 2018, and only recently began shipping cars from a limited edition of 106 copies. One of them has already been broken.

The incident happened during a special event at a race track in Japan. By the way, according to preliminary information, there are only three Speedtails in this country. First went?

It is currently unknown what exactly went wrong. The most plausible version is a wet track, on which a powerful car with cold tires refused to drive. Apparently, the owner (who, by the way, after the accident moved to his own McLaren Senna) could not cope with the high speed, which he hastened to develop on a car unprepared for loads.

Judging by the photo, the blow fell on the front. It can be seen that the body is crumpled, many elements will have to be replaced. Most likely, it will be possible to repair the car, but the scale of the damage cannot yet be estimated.

Each Speedtail is priced at $ 2 million, which is the base price. The supercar is driven by a hybrid power plant with a total capacity of 1035 hp, which allows it to pick up speed above 400 km / h.