1980 Lincoln Continental for sale

1980 Lincoln Continental for sale

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Typically, such models are not in great demand among collectors, but this copy is in good condition.

The Lincoln Continental Mark VI, which was assembled back in 1980 and celebrates its 40th anniversary, was put up for sale on the Web. For a car they are asking for an impressive amount of $ 27,900. By the way, for about the same money you can buy a new Lincoln Continental. This instance has a low mileage – only 2,549 kilometers. It is impossible not to mention its history – the first owner acquired it in 1980 and began to actively exploit it. He managed to drive 2,414 km, after which he died unexpectedly. After that, the car was stored in a heated garage for a long time until it was re-purchased.

The new owner slightly modernized the car, improving the air conditioning system, and also carried out full maintenance. In 2012, Lincoln Navigator acquired a third owner, and after his death was acquired by Vanguard Motor Sales, which now sells it.

 The high cost is explained not only by the history of the machine, but also by its excellent condition. It has minimal mileage and has always been stored in a warm garage.

 The body is made in a beautiful light beige shade, and the seats in the cabin are covered with white leather. All this gives the car an expensive look. Note the digital dashboard, the presence of a radio and a good audio system. As a power plant, a 5.8-liter engine with a return of 140 hp is used, which works with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a rear-wheel drive system. Experts suggest that a car in such good condition will quickly find a buyer.

Previously, Lincoln and Rivian teamed up to create a new electric car. No details are yet known, however, at Rivian they are talking about creating something impressive.