1977 motorcycle sold for $ 100,000

1977 motorcycle sold for $ 100,000

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Recently on eBay for a considerable $ 100,000 they sold a 1977 motorcycle. It looks like a normal bike, but among collectors and fans it is called “Ferrari among motorcycles.”

Why is this bike so special and why is it so expensive? The fact is that we are talking about a model called the MV Agusta 850SS. This is an extremely rare bike (less than 50 were made in total) and, in addition, it is equipped with one of the finest motorcycle engines – the 0.83-liter air-cooled unit docked with the Lafrancon exhaust system.

In addition, the motorcycle also has a small mileage – just a little over 4,500 km.

An interesting story is the development company itself. MV Agusta was founded in 1945 by Giovanni Agust, it quickly turned from a family business into an international player in the market of transport equipment. The company gained the greatest fame as a manufacturer of the world’s first production four-cylinder motorcycles. In 1976, with the death of the founder’s successor, Domenik Agust, the company “dropped out” of the game. The 1980s were even more difficult for the company, but over time, it still managed to return to the market – this happened already in the 90s.