1972 Ford Bronco with Shelby V8 Power engine to be auctioned off

1972 Ford Bronco with Shelby V8 Power engine to be auctioned off

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This Ford Bronco, which will not fail even on the fiercest off-roading, was made to order.

A brutal 1972 Ford Bronco was put up for auction, which was specially prepared for off-road

The owner of the SUV asked the craftsmen to equip their car with a 331cc V8 engine and a four-cylinder Holley carburetor. The power of the power unit, working in conjunction with a 5MKPP and all-wheel drive, reaches 421 hp.

The body of the SUV has received a bright blue tint. The same saturated color is present in the interior, where it is diluted with strict black.

The SUV is “shod” with a set of Fuelie wheels with off-road tires, steel bumpers, fender extensions, a winch and a roll cage. The suspension was reinforced and a lifting kit was installed. With such an arsenal, the Ford Bronco is ready for any eventuality on the road. A comfortable trip is made by comfortable chairs and digital “tidy”.

The SUV’s mileage is very modest: only 483 kilometers.

The auction is organized by the auction house RMSothebys. The auction is scheduled for January 22nd. For off-road Ford Bronco they are going to bail out 120 – 160 thousand dollars. This is four times the price of the new Bronco in the most affordable modification.

Earlier, the last copy of the Abarth 124 Spider became the lot of the online auction. The money raised from the sale of a rare roadster will go to charity.