1957 Ford F-100 pickup truck assembled from Lego designer parts

1957 Ford F-100 pickup truck assembled from Lego designer parts

November 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The amateur of Lego designers managed to assemble a small Ford F-100 pickup of the 1957 model from the 1967 Ford Mustang set and I must say that the resulting model is very similar to the original.

The famous manufacturer of designers – the company Lego, has recently released a set of Ford Mustang, which impresses with its fantastic detail and accuracy. The set offers more than 1,400 parts that allow you to recreate the American sports legend of 1967, really in the smallest details.

A real fan of Lego designers, whose name is Nathanael Koipers, recently decided to assemble a 1957 Ford F100 pickup truck from the same designer.

  The Ford F100, which was modeled by Coipers, has the same attention to detail that can be seen in the Lego kit, which makes it possible to assemble the collector’s Ford Mustang. All body lines and even the split false radiator grille look one to one, as in the original 1957 car. I must say that the creation of Nathanel Kuipers fully reflects the beauty and simplicity of the automotive design of that era.

Modern design trends have become very complex, so modern cars look very futuristic next to their classic counterparts. It is quite interesting to appreciate the simplified beauty of past designs with the help of a modern designer.

Yes, the design of modern cars is very different from what they did in the last century. However, the same 2019 Mustang still has some similarities with its “great-grandfather.” Although the car looks very modern, it still has classic taillights and a front false radiator grille.