1953 GMC fire truck made a motorhome for a snowboarder

1953 GMC fire truck made a motorhome for a snowboarder

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Who needs a kitchen and bathroom when you snowboard? This is how the professional snowboarder Austin Smith decided when he created his wooden house from an old GMC fire engine of the 1953 model.

  Our publication wrote about a considerable number of really cool motorhomes. Often we are faced with far from the most ordinary vans or trucks, which look quite usually in appearance, but possess all the attributes of a traveler’s comfortable life. In the case of the hero of our article today, everything is completely different.

What you are looking at here is the 1953 GMC pickup truck, which used to be a fire truck. Obviously, since then it has been modernized, and the brightest new “detail” of its exterior has become a tiny house behind, which even has its own porch.

 This car belongs to a professional snowboarder Austin Smith, who wanted to create a house for himself away from his real house, so that he could park anywhere and ride a snowboard … next to the house.

 After all, why stop at a warm hotel if you can dive into a sleeping bag at the back of your cold fire engine? And yes, that’s what this guy does throughout the winter.

While we are usually poetic about the comfort of travelers on ordinary campsites, this motorhome is rather strange in every sense. No, you can live in this wooden “house” – there are two beds, wardrobes, the necessary equipment for cooking and food storage, as well as a canister for storing drinking water. A small wood-burning stove (yes, a wood-burning stove) provides the necessary amount of heat, as well as a surface for heating water, and again, there is that cool porch at the back that looks completely cozy. But what is not here is the dining room, the kitchen, the complex electrical systems or the bathroom. And I must say that this motor home simply does not need them.

 This truck has a state-of-the-art Cummins diesel powerplant that works with an all-wheel drive system.