1953 Corvette C1 auctioned

1953 Corvette C1 auctioned

June 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Retro car will be presented at the auction in the house Mecum in August this year. Judging by the stated information, the machine is in excellent condition.

While supercar lovers are waiting for the premiere of the new Corvette C8, which will be held in July, the legendary Corvette C1 of 1953 will be put up for auction. This copy became 300 hundredth and last in the first year of release of model. The car has a rich history, which only increases interest in him. Initially, the car was bought by a doctor from California and repainted black. This greatly distinguished the car from its “brothers”, which had the body color Polo White. The second owner almost did not use the car and put it in storage. A few years later, the Corvette C1 was bought by Ernie Hendry, who completely restored it.

 During this period, the car received many awards and was presented at prestigious exhibitions. Then, in 1998, the car was again resold and refurbished in 2007.

 Now the car is in excellent condition and will give odds to many models “younger”. Judging by the testimony of the device, its mileage is only 2374 km. As the power plant on the Corvette C1 uses a 3.9-liter engine, paired with automatic transmission. On the initial value of the car at the auction is not reported. The winner at the auction will receive all certificates and judicial lists.