180 fake taxis crushed in China

180 fake taxis crushed in China

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Asian country has always been famous for tough measures to combat crime. Recently, the Chinese authorities held a demonstration rally, collecting illegal taxi cars at a parking lot.

It was a very large-scale action, armed with construction equipment, it was possible to barbarously distribute 180 cars of illegal carriers. The action took place in Beijing. The cars were painted the color of a taxi, creating an exact replica.

 It is worth noting that only registered official fleets can transport people. The government also banned the sale of used cars that had previously been in taxis and retained their characteristic appearance.

 Chinese transport authorities promised to keep order on the roads even stricter. Further, violators who have repeatedly ignored the law will face more than a fine. The vehicle and its driving rights will be confiscated. All residents of the Celestial Authorities are advised not to use the services of illegal taxi drivers, as this will create risks to their life and safety, as well as in order to comply with the law.

  In licensed car parks, cars must be painted in a special color, and drivers must wear a certain uniform.

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