16-year-old Dodge Viper with 990-horsepower engine appeared on sale

16-year-old Dodge Viper with 990-horsepower engine appeared on sale

August 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the website Garage Kept Motors have published an ad for the sale of the Dodge Viper SRT-10 roadster with a 990-horsepower engine.

The 2004 production year sports car, which belongs to a limited special version of the Mamba and has been upgraded by the tuning company A&C Performance, is asking for $ 61,500

The standard 8.3-liter V10 Viper engine of the third generation develops 500 hp. (712 Nm). The increase in performance was achieved thanks to the Paxton Novi mechanical supercharger. Recoil measurements directly on the drive wheels showed 770 hp. (942 Nm). At the same time, the changes did not affect the transmission: we are talking about a 6-speed manual transmission.

The sports car was equipped with high-performance fuel injectors, different manifolds, titanium valve springs, upgraded exhaust and an aluminum racing clutch. In addition, the Viper also additionally received a Pioneer infotainment complex, a DVR and a rear-view camera.

The Mamba Special Edition, with a circulation of 200, features a contrasting interior design. By default, the car has acoustics with 7 speakers, including a subwoofer, air conditioning, and 18- and 19-inch disks in the front and rear, respectively. The mileage of the upgraded Viper does not exceed 35,000 km.

In addition, it was recently noted that the 83-year-old coupe of the French brand Bugatti will be sold at auction. It should be emphasized that for a rare car with chassis number 57502 in excellent condition, they plan to help out £ 7,000,000