15,000 euros invested in old Dacia Logan: what came of it

15,000 euros invested in old Dacia Logan: what came of it

July 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A young guy from Romania named Andrew turned the first-generation pre-styling Dacia Logan into the car of his dreams. He spent a considerable 15,000 euros on the modernization and tuning of the budget sedan.

A report about an unusual alteration was published by YouTube blogger Avrigeanu Mihai. According to the owner, his parents gave him the car – initially, Andrew wanted to modify the Dacia 1300, which he bought for his 18th birthday. However, the father considered that this Dacia was too old and unsafe, so he gave his son a more recent Logan (2007 release). At the time of purchase, the mileage of the sedan was only 38,000 km.

After that, Andrew took up the update of the machine. There was a lot of work to do, since Logan was in the basic configuration – there was not even acoustics in it. And now his Dacia looks unrecognizable.

The owner not only equipped the car with new exterior and interior elements, but also borrowed some body elements from the updated Logan of the same generation: in particular, headlights, taillights and the boot lid. But the front bumper completely migrated from the first generation Dacia Logan, and new foglights were also installed in it.

In addition, Andrew replaced his native wings with extended ones, and instead of standard ones, he installed BBS rollers with a diameter of 17 inches – only they cost him 1000 euros. The suspension has also been modified – instead of the usual sedan there is pneuma, which can change the ride height.

Finally, for personal comfort, the owner equipped the car with electric windows, and for pleasure – powerful acoustics. In addition, the interior was covered in Alcantara and leather (and on the chairs – perforated) black and red.