140-meter road bridge collapses in Taiwan

140-meter road bridge collapses in Taiwan

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Tuesday morning, October 1, a large automobile bridge collapsed in the Taiwanese province of Yilan. A video of the incident received from surveillance cameras was published on the Internet.

The structure, about 140 m long, collapsed after a fuel truck drove through it, which, in turn, fell onto the pier and caused a severe fire. The wreckage of the bridge from the heights fell on numerous fishing vessels in the harbor.

The rescue operation was attended by several hundred people, including the military. At least 20 seriously injured are currently reported. Local authorities have not yet named the reasons for the collapse of the bridge, however, one day before, the typhoon Mitag passed in the region and an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 was recorded.

In August 2018, a similar incident occurred in Italian Genoa, when the Morandi bridge collapsed, on which at that time there were several dozen cars. The catastrophe claimed the lives of 43 people, and another 10 were missing.