120 sports cars confiscated from street racers

120 sports cars confiscated from street racers

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All participants of the Euroralli rally, who wanted to drive from Oslo to Prague, lost their cars. The German autobahn became an insurmountable obstacle for them.

The German police confiscated about 120 cars participating in the rally Euro Coral.

The European motor rally started in the Norwegian capital Oslo and was supposed to end in the Czech Prague. The fee for participation in the event was 799 euros. But people still did not reach the finish line: while passing through the territory of Germany, on one of the autobahns, the police stopped them.

The reason for the stop was that the participants, having powerful sports cars, began to race with each other, while developing a speed of about 250 km / h. Other road users complained about the autobahn race, after which the race was stopped by law enforcement officers. The first thing the police did was seize all vehicles participating in the motor rally.

The organizers of “Euro-rally” promised the participants “a holiday consisting of parties in several countries through which the route passes.” It was assumed that the parties will be arranged in each city, which is an intermediate point of the race, and “at the final destination – Prague – we will hold a farewell party, where participants will be awarded prizes in various nominations”, the mileage website says.

Police said they are investigating whether the rally is an illegal race. Cars are gradually returned to the participants, and to prevent further races, cars are released no more than four per hour.