1100-strong Karma SC2 concept presented at LA Auto Show

1100-strong Karma SC2 concept presented at LA Auto Show

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The concept coupe accelerates to hundreds in an incredible 1.9 seconds.

Karma in Los Angeles delights its fans and the rest of the public, showing off several new products at once. In addition to the Revero GTS sports car, the brand also presented the SC2 concept, which received advanced technologies, and its design demonstrates the future direction of the automaker’s design.

The novelty is set in motion by two electrometers, the total power of which is 1,100 hp. and 1,400 Nm of torque. The cruising range is 563 kilometers, and from zero to 100 km / h the novelty is able to accelerate in just 1.9 seconds.


“Karma SC2 is a reference to our future as a technology-oriented brand. Moreover, it demonstrates our future design language and makes us think about the future intellectual property and offerings of Karma products. Our open platform serves as a testing ground for new technologies and partnerships, where we must provide resources for design, engineering, technology and customization, ”said Dr. Lance Zhou, CEO.

The novelty received ceramic brakes, a sports pusher suspension, an ultrasonic dynamic regenerative panel, which provides SC2 high processing performance.

“SC2 presents an optimistic and bold message about the future of Karma, as we enthusiastically accept the challenge of increasing mobility based on experience. By creating SC2, we enhanced the feel of the open road with connected, patent-pending interactive technology that surpasses the capabilities of a traditional high-performance luxury car, ”said Karma CEO Andreas Thurner.

The new Karma Drive and Play technology allows motorists and gamers to relive their driving emotions, which was realized thanks to a triple high-resolution camera under the windshield and frequency-modulated continuous wave sensors (FMCW), which provide 360-times shooting of the car while driving in a three-dimensional environment.

“The extreme design and proportions of the SC2 reflect the unique combination of Karma’s technology, performance and luxury. We set ourselves the task of developing the concept of a hypercar, ready for traffic, using Karma’s internal IP addresses and components. Now, thanks to the open Karma platform, SC2 technology can be integrated into various future cars, ”Turner added.