100,000 Subaru cars will be withdrawn

100,000 Subaru cars will be withdrawn

November 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Subaru announced a forced revocable campaign, the purpose of which will be to check and correct the brake system of about 100,000 cars produced in 2018.

Nine models and 100,000 Subaru vehicles will be withdrawn. This became known through the official press service of the company. As it became known, in 2019 cars produced in Japan, a defect in the brake system was found. Expenditures for verification will amount, according to preliminary estimates, to 6.5 billion yen ($ 57 million).

According to experts, the total number of cars recalled for the current year by Subaru has already reached about 500,000 km. Previously, cars responded due to engine problems, airbags, various trifles, and now it’s time for the braking system.

Separately, it is reported that there is not a single recorded accident or accident caused by a detected failure. Of course, all work will be carried out exclusively by the automaker. Owners of recalled cars will be notified in private, or may find a list of VIN-codes, to compare it with your own car.

In addition, Subaru is now experiencing a drop in demand for its own cars, which led to a shortfall in the planned profit in the third quarter by 25%.