10,000 Nm: BMW 5-Series turned into a powerful electric car

10,000 Nm: BMW 5-Series turned into a powerful electric car

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A novelty in the company is called “experiment”

BMW introduced the 5 Series with zero exhaust, which is gaining the first 100 km/h in less than three seconds.

The electric BMW 5-Series is driven by three electric motors with a total power of 720 horsepower. It clarifies the site Motor1, with reference to its own information, torque is about 10,000 Nm.

Two electric motors are installed on the rear axle, the third is on the front axle, and the distribution system of the electric traction can transfer up to 100 percent of the torque to each of the wheels. It feeds the engines a set of batteries with a capacity of 45 kilowatt-hours.

Presented prototype has no serial future. However, BMW promises that the technologies used to create the electric 5 Series will be used in the future on the iX3 crossover. But he, unlike a sedan, will receive only one electric motor, but not three. The crossover debut is scheduled for early next decade.

The Bavarian automaker presented the first concept of a cross-country electric car in April last year at the Beijing Auto Show. There was a premiere of the prototype of the future serial iX3 on the standard X3 platform. That prototype was equipped with a 272-horsepower electric motor, and the battery capacity was more than 70 kilowatt-hours.