1000-horsepower tractor accelerates to 241 kilometers per hour

1000-horsepower tractor accelerates to 241 kilometers per hour

November 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The tractor broke its own record and got into the Guinness Book.

JCB, which in the summer managed to accelerate its Fastrac tractor to 167 kilometers per hour, introduced its second modification. This time, the manufacturer broke his own record, and at the same time entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Record set racer Guy Martin, who was sitting at the wheel last time. Now at the airport in Elington he managed to accelerate to 241.4 kilometers per hour. True, a slightly more modest figure of 217.6 kilometers per hour was added to the Book of Records – according to the rules, the average speed of two runs is counted.

To increase the tractor power, the engineers substantially modified the engine – they equipped it with an electric supercharger, increased the pressure in the turbine by 230 percent, and also installed a fuel pump with a pressure of 2500 bar. The manufacturer does not report what kind of capacity it was possible to obtain, but this figure clearly exceeds the previous 1014 forces.

The previous JCB record race took place at the end of June – then Martin accelerated Fastrac to 167 kilometers per hour. He managed to beat the Stig figure, which he demonstrated a year earlier, at 27 kilometers per hour. But in the summer, it was not possible to get into the Guinness Book – representatives simply were not invited to check in.