100-year-old biker Wimann Betz is still in the saddle

100-year-old biker Wimann Betz is still in the saddle

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The life cycle is unpredictable for every person. For many years, various events have occurred. There is nothing merciless time that often takes away from people what they really love. At the age of many, they hang a helmet on a nail, sell a motorcycle or park in a garage. That is the reality. However, there are real motorcycle fans. The grandfather in the photo still drives and is not going to stop, although he is already a hundred years old.

Wymann Betts has been fond of motorcycles for more than half a century. He started with scooters to get to work. Over the years, his love of motorcycles has become unlimited. In July this year, Betz will lead the motorcycle parade at the Bordertown Biker Bash 2020 in Amherst, Canada.

Wimann Betz about his secret: “You do not need to think too far ahead.”

Wimann is currently riding a Honda Gold Wing 2003 motorcycle. How he manages to handle a large tourist bike weighing more than 350 kg remains a mystery.

In an interview, Betz said that he never mentally matured, and this helped him overcome many problems. He has an irresistible thirst for adrenaline. Until the age of 80, Wimann owned the Cessna 172.

A standard set of rules helps Wimann stay in the saddle for so long. He never drinks, does not smoke, tries not to worry, enjoys life and radiates positive.