Volvo will make a very small crossover

Volvo will make a very small crossover

May 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company thought about the creation of models less than the 40th series, as in this market there is a demand for premium cars.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said that he did not rule out the appearance of subcompact cars in the model range of the company, since expensive subcompacts are no longer perceived by consumers as absurd.

In the meantime, the Swedish brand was focused on the models of the 40th, 60th and 90th series, including crossovers. By the way, currently the company’s smallest car is the XC40 crossover, built on a compact modular platform.

Earlier, sources at Volvo denied that the company was considering releasing a model smaller than the XC40 to compete with the Audi A1, Q2 and MINI. However, speaking at the summit of the Financial Times Future of the Car, Hakan Samuelsson admitted that the change in customer views on the cost of small cars makes us think about subcompact models.

    “We will replenish our model range, which we are doing now. We have already taken a step down by releasing the XC40, which is our smallest crossover. So never say never. There is a tendency that premium is less associated with size. Small cars can also be expensive. If you have a small suit, it does not have to be made of polyester, ” – said the head of Volvo.

If Volvo releases the car below the 40th series, it is more than likely that the model will receive a fully electric version.