Tesla Builds Battery Factory

Tesla Builds Battery Factory

June 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such a step will become strategic for the company, since it is the batteries that are the most expensive element of electric machines.

American manufacturer of American cars Tesla decided to build a new plant in California. He will specialize in the production of batteries for electric cars. This became known on Thursday, June 25. The company will be built in California. It is already known that after the start of production, the plant will work around the clock.

At the moment, at Tesla’s Fremont plant, batteries are produced in very small batches, but this cannot meet the needs of the company. The issue of increasing battery production was especially acute after the launch of Model Y production, as well as preparations for the launch of the Cybertruck pickup truck. To date, Tesla has applied for permission to build a plant in the selected area.

After approval from the city authorities, Tesla will need only 3 months. Tesla will provide jobs for 470 people, and 400 will work in shift mode.

Meanwhile, Tesla took the last time in the ranking of quality cars. The list was compiled by a reputable agency. The manufacturer of electric cars was the last due to defects in the assembly that occurred recently.