Scout Campers introduced a new pickup truck

Scout Campers introduced a new pickup truck

June 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

More recently, this Canadian company presented a minimalistic model called the Olympic. Now the company is ready to offer travel lovers a more advanced option.

The guys from Scout Campers expand the line of campervans for pickups. At the beginning of this month, an Olympic camper was presented for full-size trucks. The company now has a new model called Yoho.

This is a lightweight version of the camper, designed for four places. In the basic version, Yoho weighs about 414 kilograms, which is ideal for Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma models. The manufacturer managed to reduce the weight of the structure thanks to the combination of wood, aluminum and composite materials.

This model is still considered minimalistic, but the list of equipment here is rich.

Already at the base, Yoho receives a roof solar kit and a Yeti 1000 portable lithium power station. The customer can also rely on a 4.9 gallon portable water tank with an integrated filter. The height of such a motorhome is 75 inches, which allows most people to straighten to their full height.

The L-shaped sitting area in the main cabin turns into a double bed. Add to this the sleeping area above the cabin – you get four full beds. Not without additional options: a fridge / freezer, portable toilet, two burners, a small fireplace, etc. Also, Yoho relies canopy.

There is a novelty of at least 19,240 dollars