Land Rover Launches First Range Rover Built in Social Distance

Land Rover Launches First Range Rover Built in Social Distance

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of Land Rover published a photo of the first Range Rover, which came off the plant’s production line after the introduction of social distance measures. A copy of a British left-hand drive SUV was assembled at a factory in the Midlands on May 20.

To resume mass production at its plants, the British company introduced a number of measures for social distance, hygiene and monitoring the health of its employees. According to company representatives, they needed to develop a huge range of measures for protection. It is reported that the new security protocols allowed the company to begin a “phased return” to production.

 Although Land Rover acknowledges that “substantial” changes have been made to employees ‘business days, it states that employees’ “health and well-being” are its top priorities.

As a result, the company introduced inspections with thermal imaging cameras and physical separation of personnel in order to maintain a two-meter gap between them, where possible. Where such a gap is not possible, personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided.

 At the same time, plants now have one-way systems and an “improved” cleaning mode. The company also provided staff with visors made by the company, while employees must fill out a clinical questionnaire online and monitor their temperature at home before the shift.

  “The way the first Range Rover left our line today is a defining moment for Jaguar Land Rover, for all of us who work for the company and many of the businesses in our supply chain,” said Grant MacPherson, Jaguar Land Rover’s Executive Director of Production . “This event marks the end of our short break and signals the beginning of a return to normal.”