How do you like this Chevy Corvette 2020 with lambo-doors?

How do you like this Chevy Corvette 2020 with lambo-doors?

June 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Eikon Motorsports has developed a set of scissor doors for the 2020 Chevy Corvette. Without installation, the kit can be bought for $ 2,699

Is the Chevrolet Corvette 2020 still a sports car, or is it a real supercar? If your definition of a supercar is based on price and exclusivity, the answer is no. With a base price tag recommended by the automaker himself, amounting to just under $ 60,000, and the original Chevrolet plan to produce more than 40,000 copies of the legendary coupe during the first year the model was launched on the market, the C8 is relatively affordable and not exclusive.

If, however, your definition depends on the style of the machine, the answer is definitely yes. Now for the American coupe a new set of scissor doors in the style of Lambo models is available.

The kit was developed by experts at Eikon Motorsports tuning studio, who announced their development back in early May.

Doors are now officially presented on the company’s page in the social network Instagram. A set of scissor doors uses factory-made mounting points and can be removed if desired, that is, if you are tired of using vertical doors, you can easily install standard doors for the Chevrolet Corvette 2020 and yes, a vertically open door comes with a lifetime warranty.

How much does it cost to give a C8 Corvette Lambo makeup? Eikon Motorsports announces a pre-order price of $ 4,299. If you need only a kit, then this is the full amount of $ 2,699. For the money you get bolted hinges with two gas shock absorbers for lifting doors.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that GM plans to use the Zora name for the top-end Corvette C8. According to GM Authority, General Motors plans to use the Zora name for the top-end Chevrolet Corvette C8 on Saturday, June 6.