How do you like the old Mercedes G-Class with huge Vossen wheels?

How do you like the old Mercedes G-Class with huge Vossen wheels?

June 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video appeared on YouTube that shows a three-door Gelandewagen with large Vossen discs. The car drives off-road and the city, and even flew up once on a hill.

From the luxurious Landaulet performance to the monstrous 6×6 version, from the powerful AMG V8 and V12 engines to the incredible G500 4×42 – the previous generation German G-Class SUV was produced in a variety of versions. Another performance was a three-door “helicopter”, which is unlikely to ever be on sale, since three-door SUVs have lost popularity.

The manufacturer of the rims, Vossen, published a video that captures just the same three-door version of the SUV with large forged Vossen rims.

The car drives at high speed through the mud and smooth highway.

As for the discs used in this video, the price for them starts at $ 549, and you can choose from a variety of finishes, including the brilliant sparkle of gold. Those that are installed specifically on this instance of the SUV have a less shiny polished silver shade and a dimension of 22 inches, including the rear spare tire.

Although the original version of the G-Class in its military performance was conceived as an all-terrain vehicle, its modern equivalent hardly ever leaves the asphalt, despite the presence of impressive off-road capabilities.