Ford Focus ST received a 7-speed automatic transmission

Ford Focus ST received a 7-speed automatic transmission

June 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford will offer a 7-speed automatic transmission optional for the Focus ST from the beginning of next month.

Relying on the company’s press center, the new type of transmission will only be combined with a 276-horsepower EcoBoost 2.3-liter gasoline engine. and 420 Nm of torque on models in hatchback and station wagon bodies.

The cost of the hatchback starts at 34,710 pounds, and the station wagon – from 36,110 pounds.

Focus ST in the hatchback accelerates to 100 km / h in 6 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds slower than the version with the “mechanics”, and accelerates as much as possible to 250 km / h. Acceleration to the first “hundred” at the station wagon takes 6.1 seconds, and its maximum speed is similar to a hatchback.

Focus ST with an automatic transmission has the same fuel consumption as the modification with manual transmission – 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Emissions of harmful substances, in turn, increase from 187 to 188 grams per km.

The 7-speed automatic transmission has a rotary gear switch instead of the usual handle on the steering wheel. Like the 6-speed manual transmission, it has a special Sport button, which is used to switch to sports mode. There is also a Mode button that allows drivers to switch to other modes.

In addition, it was recently noted that the American corporation Ford is developing a competitor Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta.