Ferrari Enzo set an online auction record

Ferrari Enzo set an online auction record

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At an online auction held by renowned RM Sotheby`s, an online auction record was set – Ferrari Enzo sold for an impressive amount of $ 2.64 million.

The coronavirus epidemic forced not only to abandon the “live” presentations, international car shows or Formula 1 races, but also from the usual auctions. However, this does not mean at all that collectors are deprived of the opportunity to acquire the desired objects.

The famous auction house RM Sotheby`s held online bidding, which were offered about 200 rare and exclusive cars. Despite the unusual trading format, there were many who wanted to buy the lots displayed, and the most serious transaction was the purchase of a Ferrari Enzo supercar, which cost its new owner $ 2.64 million. Today it is the most expensive lot sold online.

This copy of the Ferrari Enzo was made in 2003, and a total of 400 supercars of this model were made. It is equipped with a 660-horsepower V12 that can accelerate the coupe to 350 km / h. On his odometer, only 2012 km and the last 17 years the car belonged to one owner.

The second place in the bidding was taken by another Ferrari model – the 1985 coupe 288 GTO, for which they paid $ 2.31 million. In total, cars and car attributes were sold at the auction for an impressive amount of $ 16.4 million.