Dodge published a teaser for its updated 2021 lineup

Dodge published a teaser for its updated 2021 lineup

June 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the American automaker published an interesting video – it shows the lineup of the Dodge 2021. HEMI engines performed the US anthem.

The American brand Dodge will have a pretty busy summer. The fact is that the demand for company models does not seem to want to decrease, despite the coronavirus pandemic, which slows down, it would seem, any sales. So the brand will have to increase the speed of production of cars in order to cope with the increased demand. In addition, the updated 2021 lineup will be presented very soon – it is scheduled for July 2.

Dodge just posted a teaser for the updated 2021 lineup.

Instead of publishing a regular photo or a short video with updated cars, the company decided to release a “Star-Shining Banner” created by the sounds of supercharged HEMI engines. The reimagined US anthem combines high-speed roar of the engine, shifting to high gear, shifting to low gear and the methodical hum of the supercharger.

“The sound of a flashy HEMI supercharged engine is so distinctive from the rest that we decided not to use any images for this teaser video,” said Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger cars at FCA North America, separately. “Wait on July 2 to see the updated 8,950 horsepower.”

The last fact, which was mentioned by Mr. Kuniskis, very attracted our attention. In fact, the entire lineup of the brand should have a total power of huge 8,950 hp, and this may indicate increased power for some models. All details should be revealed on July 2, when Dodge will not only present its updated model line of the 2021 version, but

“If you carefully listened to our video, and we know what our fans will hear, you will feel what will happen to the Dodge // SRT in 2021,” Kuniskis explained. “We think our fans will understand a few key hints.”

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the American Dodge Charger and Challenger received updates for 2020. The iconic sports cars of the 2020 model year are now available with the new Smoke Show body color.