Car enthusiast accidentally ordered 27 Tesla Model 3

Car enthusiast accidentally ordered 27 Tesla Model 3

June 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A resident of Germany decided to change his old Ford Kuga to an electric Tesla Model 3 sedan, but everything went not so smoothly as he planned. The Germans did not succeed in ordering an electric car the first time – he had to access the system 27 times.

A resident of Germany mistakenly placed an order immediately for 27 copies of the Tesla Model 3. A user of the Reddit portal faced the same nickname Ballon-Man. He was going to buy only one electric car, but because of problems on the automaker’s website, which, after entering personal data, did not accept payment, he placed 27 orders at once.

The Germans had to take so many actions in order to finally get access to their account. Here, to his surprise, he discovered that all of his unsuccessful orders, the system took over. The site informed the client that he had placed an order for 27 identical Model 3 electric cars.

All these cars were valued at 1,404,000 euros – 52 thousand euros for each car. A deposit of 2,700 euros was debited from the user’s card. He does not return after canceling the order.

As a result, Tesla technical support canceled a large order, and the client received his deposit back.

Meanwhile, it became known that Tesla Model 3 on cobalt-free batteries will appear in China. Such an electric car is noticeably heavier, but it will become safer and more budget.